Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Stone that became a great mountain

WOW ! I read Daniel chapter 2 verse 35 years ago , but never understood it as well as I did after reading Witness Lee's commentary on it .Here it is- I'll give you the Scripture first so's we all
know what is cooking -
Danielch2 v 35 " Then the iron,the clay,the bronze.the silver and the gold were crushed all at once and they became like chaff from the summer threshing floors and the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found.And the Stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth"
The great mountain here signifies the eternal kingdom of God which will fill the whole earth forever.
After coming to crush the aggregate of human government,the corporate Christ with His overcoming believers will become a great mountain to fill the whole earth making the whole earth God's kingdom.
Thus the great human image will be replaced with the eternal kingdom of God on earth (Revelation 11 v 15-17)
The increase of the stone into a great mountain signifies the increase of Christ (John 3 v 29,30)
The church is Christ's increase in life but the eternal kingdom of God is Christ's increase in administration(Mark4:26-29)
Hence Christ is not only the church but also the kingdom of God (1Cor 12:12)
As the Stone Christ is the centrality of God's move and as the Mountain He is the universality.
Hence He is the all inclusive One, the One who fills all in all (Ephesians 1:23)..."

So all those governments who think they are somebody are really nobody ... they will be like
chaff and the wind will carry them away - not leaving any trace !
After I read the commentary I was so astounded and had a word in my spirit to say " BLOG -
put it on your Blog !"
So as we eat our christmas turkey let us also eat the Word of the Lord !

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Eat,eat,eat and drink drink drink !

The title might seem a little strange to you , but that is what a dear friend sent me in a text  message
to wake me up a bit.Made me realise that I was far from drinking and eating the Lord !
That is what all Scripture is about.Eating and drinking the Lord.
Not eating and drinking and making merry around the christmas tree.
And to cap it all she included a Scripture in John chapter 6 verse 57 where Jesus said " As the living
Father has sent Me and I live because of the Father,so he who eats Me shall live because of Me "
It took me quite a while before I could get the last bit " so he who eats Me shall live because of Me "
into my human spirit.
It was when I started to realise that Christ Himself is the Word things began to happen. Then when
 the Holy Spirit actually breathed the Word into my spirit I realised they were life giving words.
I also saw how important my human spirit is to God. Every one of us has a human spirit,but we
don't know how to exercise it and it just sits like stone until we ask God for help.It is  His hearts desire
for mankind to talk to Him,to fellowship with Him and help Him to fight the enemy.So He will
quickly answer our cry.
Our spirit (with a small s)  is vital for our prayer life,warfare and worship. Without it we are dumb clucks,
and  our songs are dreary and depressing , our understanding of Scripture is just not there.
OH! What a day when  the seeking Spirit found my spirit and I learnt how to read the Bible properly and to pray real heartfelt prayers....may  we all touch the Life giving Spirit  who will polish
and shine us as living stones, on our way to the New Jerusalem...

Thursday, April 11, 2013


When we put on our glasses or climb the stairs - do we realise that Christ is the REAL glasses, the
REAL  stairs to life and that without Him we have nothing...
He is everything to us. If we have Christ and the way to experience Him,we have everything.
If we do not know how to apply Him and experience Him in a practical way, we have nothing.
He is our way.Without Him we have no way to do things,have no way to go on and have no way to believe...
The Scriptures tell me that the first Adam was a living soul , but the second Adam was a Life giving
"He that hath an ear let him hear what the  SPIRIT is saying to the churches "
The churches are not listening.
They are not listening to what the SPIRIT of the Lord is saying !
Men are made of bricks. The Holy Spirit build us into precious stones
Man made bricks to try to reach heaven.
God is crafting us by His Spirit into precious stones to build His Temple.
If we don't watch out satan will be pulling down every Spirit filled person who is being carefully molded into God's House.He's done it three times already - and he's getting ready to do it a fourth
He's out to get the Temple of the Living God
Did you know that - or are most of us fallen asleep ?
Man is useless in Spiritual matters. Bricks !
No matter how high he might build his house - he could never match God's House
No matter how high he builds his house , no matter how beautiful his garments are - they are not Fine Linen, woven by the Holy Spirit
Bricks !
Just a fine veneer of many counterfeit prayers without reality.
The garment does not match.
It is the principal of the harlot Babylon.
May God keep us in the reality of His Spirit and His Word

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Fransesca sat on the kitchen steps,looking out at the field behind.
She felt even angrier than yesterday ,as she watched Teddy,her little scottish terrier
chasing flying ants.Yapping sharply as they escaped.
She wished she was a dog.
So she could catch Egbert and his rotten   bull terrier and his fat pig of a daughter,Poppy
She'd snap them all up in a trice  and they'd be no more.
But there they were.
In her father's house.
taking over all that was in it,after her father had died.
And her mother.
Why couldn't she see what a rotter he was.
Fransesca would never be able to call him Dad,
He wasn't even a step Dad,because he didn't believe in getting married.
"'S da worst drag in da world"he barked in his raspy voice " never catch me at it !"
That,of course, was after he had mesmerised her mother.Before that he had even promised
to marry her !
Then he slept with her.
Then he brought  his fat stodge of a daughter  with him.
And his monstruous dog ,it's black head as though it had been dipped into
black ink.It reminded  her of a stuffed pig gone wrong,an evil one at that.
"Fransesca " Granny's sweet voice wafted  down the stairs " tea time,dear "
"Coming " she called back,whistling for Teddy ,who came bounding towards her
tail wagging furiously.
"Hurry,dear " Granny called again " or you'll be late for ballet "
Ballet ! She'd almost forgotten ,drank down her juice and grabbed her tuna sandwich,
leaping up stairs to her room in one movement
"What's up, retard ?"Poppy's squeaky pig voice called from the bed next to hers.
"I'm going to ballet  " Fransesca took out her leotard and began changing into it
"Ah.I'm coming too ,don't forget " Poppy squeaked through a mouthful of chips" my Daddy
paid for me to join too "
Fransesca's face fell as she looked at herself in the mirror.Of all the worst things - to have to put up
with Poppy in her ballet class.
She combed her thick brown hair into a pony tail and began pinning it up.
"You'd better hurry then,I'm leaving now ",Fransesca winced,wishing she could leave Poppy behind.
Unfortuantely Fransesca and Poppy were the same age and did most things together - and now ballet.
Fransesca's uncle Bob had met Egbert at church.He seemed well liked by the people Bob knew and was supposed to be a  real "Wizz mechanic " Helping people fix their cars,buses and taxis. Always right there on hand to help.
Then Uncle Bob and his wife Tess had offered him accomodation in their tiny modest two bedroomed
Egbert and his girl friend had moved in.
They had occupied Uncle Bob's second small bedroom and his two girls had moved  their double
bunks into their parent's bedroom.
They'd all lived  in these squashed conditions for four months.
Then,with all he'd managed to save by staying free at Uncle Bob's house for so long,managed to start his own business.
By this time Poppy had arrived.A squawling, fat pig of a baby.Always demanding food and attention.
Then Egbert and his family moved out  to a place of their own.
Instead of being grateful  to Uncle BOB,egbert incited his girlfriend to attack Tess for no reason at all.
Fransesca still did not know why.
Then  Egbert had got tired of his girl friend and booted her out saying she was "good for nothing
and a useless mother "
Taken himself off and got another place for himself and Poppy.
All the while he'd been going to church where he still seemed to be the local " goody two shoes "
There he met and seduced Fransesca's mother,moved into her house and brought his horrible entourage with him.
"Come on dear,or you'ss miss the bus " Granny called
Poppy appeared,fat bulging on all sides of her leotard and rolled down the stairs"I'm comin,I'm comin " she squealed,picking herself up.
" Oh Daddy ! Why did you have to leave us with this ?" Fransesca sighed sorrowfully"Why why!"
She picked up her togbag and made for the door  ( to be continued )

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A misconception of "surrender"

I have come back to find my old friends Jessie Penn-Lewis,Andrew Murray and of course, Watchman Nee...
In her book "life out of death " in which she shares experiences with Madame GUYON, Jessie says in chapter 6 page 83 "It is a misconception of the truth of "death with Christ " to interpret it as meaning a will-less passivity,lack of feeling or an absence of volition (will) in the practical life of the believer...
This passive state is necessary for the practise of Spiritism and many other evil supernatural cults,but the Holy Spirit energizes the human spirit into ACTIVE personality..."
I went into this quite deeply in my search for understanding of Spiritism and  read books so I could learn about where all this "channeling " and "power points " could be found in a human  being
and where these people could operate on a person  claiming to be able to use this power force.I also found that if  we act in passivity,without the help of the Holy Spirit- indeed a false self effacement,a loss of our personality,loss of their words  or actions,without feeling or sensibility will find that satan will certainly give them "unconsciousness"- a lack of proper concern for themselves or others.
She says " Believers  who cease to think,reason,will,remember,love,act,listen,speak -believing that God is to perform all these things for them - really become "non existant" on these points , and open the door for the spurious workings of demons e.g. if a believer expects "love to flow through  him with
NO ACTION on his own part,a "spurious love" will be given by evil spirits which will eventually pass away,leaving the person hard and incapabale of feeling...
An inflexible hardness,  and the inability to feel for the suffering of others,is an outcome of satan's counterfeit of " crucified with Christ " Or there may be an apathetic inability to come to decisions or to act,and such souls become a dead weight upon the rest of the church of God.
How often suffering is caused to others,and the one who causes it is quite unconscious of having done so.This is a danger point.
For when  Christ dwells in you by the Holy Spirit,He releases your sensibilities and quickens them so that you know in a moment  if you have said a word of offense to another, and you run to put it right.
If a man walks in the light he stumbles not.He becomes spiritually intelligent in all his relationships with man and with God.That is the victorious life.A  life produced by Christ which will bring us down alongside of every human being in need.
This misconception of "self effacement " is the enemy's counterfeit of true self surrender, which yields up to God every faculty of the being, and which the Spirit of God needs for whole hearted co-operation with Him in His purposes for the life of the believer .The fruit of the self control..." There should be at the back of every action a deliberate volition, and full knowledge of what you are saying or doing,as well as the  faith that that is what God bids you to do or say.."
Praise our dear Lord that we have the discipline of the Holy Spirit to take some of these things out of us
and to lead us in the "Way everlasting "!

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Home for your spirit

For Lianne O Connor
Who left us on the morning of 30th June 2012

Jesus went to  prepare a place for you
Of many mansions
Where you are now "not found naked"
where you are clothed
In your new spiritual body
Have no more pain
Where you await
The great Resurrection Day
Of the Lord Jesus

John 14 v's 1-3
v3"And if I go and prepare a place for you
I will come again
And receive you unto Myself
That where I am
There you may be also ..."
2Corinthians ch 5 verses 3,4
"For we know that ,if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved
we have a building  of God
A house not made with hands,eternal in the heavens...
v3"if so be that being clothed
we shall not be found naked..."

Sunday, July 1, 2012

our children

The  abundance of life  is not a matter of doctrine,but is a matter of how much we have gone through before  God
And therefore how much we can supply the church.
There is no gold which has not  passed through fire
no precious stones that have not  gone through darkness
no pearl that has not encountered suffering...

Teaching our children
How to face the Cross
Is the most treasured
Lesson for them
To learn in life